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Hello. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I’ve been making (and teaching) music for many years now. Like you, no doubt, my tastes and interests have shifted and evolved over time. I’ve enjoyed, performed, and composed music in various genres from folk to rock to world to ambient etc.

My other passion has been a lifelong interest and involvement in spiritual study and practice. My desire has been, to borrow a phrase from writer and philosopher Alan Watts, to “ eff the ineffable and unscrew the inscrutable”.

So along with my love and passion for music I’ve spent many hours meditating and chanting, as well as working with plant teachers. I’ve often found music a kind of meditation in the sense that you could completely go into it and that has always been my favorite way to listen to music. In the early 90’s I began to get really interested in creating deeper, more spacious music.

The biggest influence on me at that time was the music of a group called “Dead Can Dance”. Some of their music could carry me away into beautiful and inspiring spaces. In fact Lisa Gerrard, one of the two composers in the group, has specifically stated that her intention is to take listeners into altered worlds.

I began to listen to more spacious, meditative music and I would often think, “Oh that was great, but what if I could make it a little more like this.” I was after some combination of peacefulness with heart and movement, places where one could “go” and come back moved, renewed, even healed.

At first then, my aim was to create the kind of spaces I myself wanted to enter, to build my own magic carpet as it were. But, like many artists, I have a strong desire to share and communicate with others. So I make these ‘offerings’ in the hope and prayer that they may benefit others.

I’ve had enough feedback from the world now to know that my music can do that if the listener is open to it. I’ve also heard back from quite a few people who’ve used the music in personal and group healing work of varying kinds.

As I write this I’m working on the next CD, attempting to keep the connection and go deeper into what Buddhist teachings have called “awakened heart”.